The Legend of Sanic: Ocarina of Fast

Cool!! Here’s a hack that swaps Link with Sonic the Hedgehog in Zelda 64.

The English translation project for Energy Breaker (SNES) is complete!! The game is kinda sorta like Final Fantasy Tactics; more like a cute version of it. I haven’t played it yet but the game looks gorgeous and well made. See for yourself with this English gameplay footage on YouTube. And here are some screen shots:

You can download the English patch and learn more about this translation from these links:

» Energy Breaker

» Energy Breaker Translation Project Official Homepage

Dynamic Designs finished their English translation project for Burning Heroes (SNES)! It’s a pretty cool RPG. Check out these links for more…

Burning Heroes page on Dynamic Designs (download the patch here)

Burning Heroes 100% English Preview Movie on YouTube

And here are some screen shots from the above preview movie…

Here is the almighty GideonZhi’s YouTube channel. GideoZhi is the most active ROM hacker in the translation scene. In his YouTube channel he likes to put up videos from games he’s working on to tease us :)

And here’s this homepage. Stay tuned to his exciting progress updates! He’s working on some really cool games right now. There are still more awesome games on the SNES that have yet to be blessed by the English language.

"Stand Guard" is a patch for those of you who have played Final Fantasy III (SNES) and you’re interested in a whole new experience. This patch is similar to Secret of Mana: Enhanced; it polishes the dialogue by adding more detail and correcting typos. It corrects spell/item/monster names, fixes bugs, adds uncensored graphics from the Jap version, and more! Included with this patch is an easy patch to make the game easier and a hard patch to make it more difficult - altogether providing 3 levels of difficlty. Best of all, you can now dash with the cancel button (no more Sprint Shoes)! Apply this patch to Final Fantasy III (US) for SNES.

You can download this patch from either:

The Project Page

My Final Fantasy 6 shrine’s Downloads page

Final Fantasy VI Stand Guard screen shots

Screen shots comparison between original and the hack

• Are you annoyed by how nasty the bright colors and inaccurate sound instruments are in Final Fantasy VI Advance for GBA? Worry no more! The ROM hacking community has released patches that correct the colors and sound to make it much more like the SNES version! Check ‘em out in my FF6 shrine’s Downloads. You can download either a pre-patched game or download the individual patches to patch the game yourself.

Lunar IPS in all its glory

• For my ROM patching tutorial I’ve replaced “IPSWin” with “Lunar IPS” and “UIPS” (the patcher for Mac) with “Multipatch”. Included with the update is a new set of directions for Lunar IPS.

New desktop wallpapers for Shining Force and Chrono Trigger

• I’ve added three new desktop wallpapers! For Chrono Trigger added a fan art wallpaper. For Shining Force added two fan art wallpapers. (Previews above)