Square-Enix wants to make your dreams come true for $238They’re selling a replica of the famous Erdrick’s Sword from the Dragon Quest series. Learn more at Kotaku

Square-Enix wants to make your dreams come true for $238

They’re selling a replica of the famous Erdrick’s Sword from the Dragon Quest series. Learn more at Kotaku

Yep! Dragon Quest 1-8 is coming to both iOS and Android. However there’s no word yet on a Western release.

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The Rise of the RPG - A History

A *very* good retrospective of where the RPG genre came from. This guy goes wayyy back! If you call yourself an RPG fan, you are required to watch this vid!

Google Maps 8-bit for NES

Isn’t this so cool?! As an April Fools’ joke, Google made a Dragon Warrior themed version of Google Maps! And it’s REAL. Check it out here! Yes, you can actually use a version of Google Maps in the 8-bit fashion ‘advertised’ above.

*This article has a list of all the Easter eggs in 8-bit Google Maps. Google threw in some actual NES sprites from Dragon Warrior games.

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Dragon Quest X

It looks like Dragon Quest X may have usage fees. But more importantly, I’m still hung up on the fact that the next Dragon Quest is an mmorpg! When did this happen?? :( I hate it when a great RPG classic is recycled like useless trash into a different, trendy genre of gameplay.

Dragon Quest X may have ‘usage fees’

In case you didn’t stay up for the Dragon Quest X reveal event last night, you can get your first look at the online RPG for Wii (and eventually Wii U) in the single screenshot released by Square Enix so far. It appears to be some kind of lobby, with a bunch of player characters just cold lampin’.

Players will be able to create their own characters, within five races: dwarf, elf, ogre, “weddy” (blue, aquatic-looking creatures) and “pukuripo” (cute little robed creatures). Humans were also seen in the trailer, but there are no humans in this screenshot. That and the subtitle, roughly translated to “Awakening of the Five Tribes,” suggest that humans won’t be the focus.

A small news post at the Dragon Quest site, as discovered by Andriasang, includes “usage fee: TBA” among the specifications. Square Enix may, then, be planning to charge a monthly fee for the online play. Or it could still be in the process of deciding whether it’s worth it to charge for an online Wii game — something that’s already an uphill battle, even for the vaunted Dragon Quest series.

Source: Joystiq

NEStalgia: The Retro MORPG

Are WoW’s battles just not random enough for you? Does DCUO look a little too three-dimensional? Do the modern trappings of MMOs genuinely bring you down? Ben Mallahan has created a delightful, free-to-play solution to your dilemma: NEStalgia, a Dragon Quest-esque classic RPG with some built-in MMO functionality, like player grouping and a billion super esoteric, hard-to-collect pieces of armor and weaponry.

You can download the game for free on NEStalgia’s official site, or check out a bunch of gameplay videos on its YouTube page. I’d suggest starting with the trailer!